Embassy Network

The Embassy Network is a collection of coliving houses prototyping a new approach to Home, one in which members flow freely between locations as they travel the globe for work and collaboration.

Embassy locations are united through the values of co-creation, curiosity and class. These embassies and their residents are ambassadors of a modern culture of openness, collaboration, and connectivity.

Visit the global Embassy Network website to learn more about other locations in the network, and get involved.

The Embassy San Francisco

The House

The Embassy San Francisco is our experiment in creating a home built around purpose and intention. We value curiosity, analysis, questioning, and engagement. This is not a house for by-standers!

Join in the Fun

We host salons, community dinners, skillshares, workshops and various one-off events. Hear about upcoming events on our mailing list, or get a sampling through browsing upcoming events below!

Stay with Us

Travel and always be at Home. The Embassy Network offers long- and short-term accommodations for modern nomads and creatives who travel the world for work, projects and collaborations.

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Our Community

London Born And Bred, I Have Relinquished My Some What Boaty Background To Join The Embassy On Solid Ground. I Am Neuroscientist By Day (Actually, All The Time) At Ucsf. My Work Focuses On How The Brain Controls Complex Voluntary ...

... Zarinah Agnew

A Dear Friend Has Described Me As “A Complex Meal That Takes Dozens Of Spices In Combination And Great Quantity And Layers Them To Build A Unique And Special ‘Taste’ That Can’T Easily Be Described”. I’M A Thinker, A Doer, ...

... Tony Gui

Chris - [Kris:] Noun - Engineer At Spacex, Enjoys Programming, Databases, And Data Visualization, Aspiring Guitarist, Clay Sculptor, Enthusiastic Interlocutor, Optimist, Eager To Hear The Stories Of Others, Savors Time In The Wilderness

... Chris Moloney

I Am Currently On A Year Long Sabbatical After Leaving My Position As The Co-Director Of A Department Of Energy Clean Energy Ecosystem Grant This Past April. I Spent Five Months Road Tripping The Pacific Northwest And The Atlantic Northeast ...

... Michael Wellman

I'M A Professional Copywriter, Branding Consultant, And Producer. I'Ve Worked In Journalism For 10 Years, Including Three As Culture Editor Of The Sf Bay Guardian; Founded And Co-Founded Three Dance Troupes, Including My Baby, The Cheese Puffs; Created Insta Mitzvah, ...

... Molly Freedenberg

I Am The Executive Producer At Chisel Industries In Bozeman, Mt. I Split My Time Between Bozeman, Salt Lake City, And La (Among Others). I Consider Myself A Creative Facilitator In Which I Enable Our Creative Team To Do What ...

... Matthew Barbour

I'M David (Or 'Swanny' Depending On Who You Ask), A 23 Year Old Journalist From Melbourne Australia. I Love New Experiences And Making Friends, And I Come Equipped With A Pretty Decent (Albeit Occasionally Ridiculous) Sense Of Humour And A ...

... David Swan

I Am The Founder And Ceo Of A Startup Focused On Driving Forward Environmental Sustainability. I Am Also An Avid Writer And Thoroughly Enjoy Other Attempts At The Creation Of Contemporary Art. I Enjoy Being Active And Simply Love Being ...

... Andrew Lacenere

I Live In Seattle And Started Office Nomads, A Coworking Space On Capitol Hill, About 7 Years Ago.

... Jacob Sayles

My Name Is Johann Diedrick. I Am An Artist, Combining Art And Technology To Create Installations, Software, Hardware, Digitally Fabricated Objects, Performances And Experiences. My Work Has Been Exhibited Internationally In Numerous Group Exhibitions, Conferences And Festivals. I Like To ...

... Johann Diedrick

I'M A Resident At Itp, An Art/Tech/Design Program At Nyu. Since Graduating From There Last May, I'Ve Been Working On My Projects And Helping Students With Theirs. I'M Coming To San Francisco To Present An Installation At A Conference Hosted ...

... Luisa Pereira

I'M A Chilean Born And Based Artist. I Work With Electronics, Sound And All In Between.

... Monica Bate

I Live In London With My Husband And 2 Children. I Work In Real Estate Banking But Am Currently On Maternity Leave And Making The Most Of The Time To Do A Bit Of Travelling And Seeing Friends!

... Madeleine Mcdougall

I Am A Highly Motivated Type-A Hippie At Heart. An East-Coast Transplant That Can't Wait To Make The Most Of This New Adventure. I Sometimes Sing In The Shower. I Love Yoga/Hiking/Swimming/Biking/Anything Active. I Will Always Try Something At Least ...

... Kate Gollogly

Mom Of Two And Working In Impact Investing. Help Investors Formulate Impact Strategies And Assist Them With Finding Investment Opportunities That Match Those Strategies. Love Learning About New Things And Spending Time With My Large And Extended Network Of Friends ...

... Amie Patel

Zach Walker Is Video Artist And Vj Who Creates Live Visual Perfomances, Audio Video Installations And Site Specific Video Mapped Installations. I Recently

... Zach Walker

I'M At Google Working On Design Ethics, That Is How The Design Of Technology Products, And The Systemic Incentives That Create Them, Affect Our Wellbeing In Positive And Negative Ways. I Am A Recovering Entrepreneur, Big Thinker, Futurist, Amateur Philosopher...

... Tristan Harris

Software Developer, Tinkerer, Humorist, Possibly A Nut

... John Lawrence

I Am A Behavioral Economist - This Means I Study How People Make Decisions, Why We Sometimes Make Stupid Ones And, Most Importantly, How We Can Design Things To Help People Make Better Decisions And Make The World Work Better. ...

... Alex Peysakhovich

I'M A Native New Yorker Who Has Been Shaped By My City. Currently I Do Community Work At Stack Exchange. I'Ve Spent The Last 5ish Years Working In The Technology Industry, And I'M Currently Preoccupied With How Tech Can Do ...

... Ana Hevesi

Mike Is In The Bay Area To See Old Friends About Some Very Cool New Work. He Is A Scientist And A Mathematician Who Prefers To Travel By Any Mode That Does Not Involve Four Wheels. All Of His Links ...

... Michael Rubel

My Name Is Chris Blake.

... Chris Blake

Passionate Communicator, Firestarter, Evangelist And Facilitor For The London Entrepreneurial Scene. Currently Hacking Education, Religion And Then Politics.

... Benjamin Southworth

Behavioral Economist @ Planet Labs. Co-Founder Of The Embassy Network. Data Scientist, Policy Wonk, & Libertarian Paternalist. Obsessed With Batman.

... Derek Dunfield

Space Geek Turned Computer Scientist Reinventing Human Settlements On A Planet Called Earth (So Far).

... Jessy Kate Schingler

I'M Writing It's A Shareable Life And Very Interested In Using The Tenants Of The Sharing Economy To Restructure Modern Lifestyle.

... Chelsea Rustrum

Born In The Ukraine, Grew Up In San Francisco. Working At Planet Labs, Where We're Building Earth Imaging Satellites To Help Do Good In The World. During My After Work Hours I Take Russian Lessons And Train Capoeira. Currently Striving ...

... Misha Safyan

I Aspire To: Influence The Way People Interact With Their Environments (Both Physical And Virtual)... Empower Individuals Through Collaboration And Skill/Resource-Sharing... Redistribute Access To Power And Wealth... Master Everything... Always Be Authentic... Question All Norms.

... Helen Bentley

Gov Geek Interested In Prototyping Governance, Revitalizing Cities And In Search Of #Badass Hackers And Hustlers To Write About

... Shannon Spanhake

Tony Is A Recovering Lawyer, Turned Educator And Social Entrepreneur, Seeking Universal Justice, Peace And Fairness. He Grew Up As A Geeky Chinese Kid In England, And Escaped To California A Few Years Ago To Find People And Communities Who ...

... Tony Lai

I Enjoy Rethinking Societal Structures And The Role That Technology, Tools, And Information Can Recast A More Desirable Future. I Am An Advocate For Coliving, Open Data, And Open Government And Believe There Is No Difference Between Work, Live, And ...

... Robbie Schingler

Emi Watanabe Is An Industrial Designer That Is Passionate About Using Design Skills For Socially Impactful Projects. She Is Currently A Sponsored Artist At Instructables/Autodesk At A Beautiful Fabrication Lab On The Waterfront. Emi Has Worked For Reallocate, A Non-Profit ...

... Emi Watanabe

I'M A Lawyer And Current Doctoral Student At Stanford With A Background In Cognitive Science And Philosophy. Https://Www.Law.Stanford.Edu/Degrees/Advanced-Degrees-For-International-Students/Doctor-Of-Science-Of-Law-Jsd/Jsd-Students/Sarah-Polcz

... Sarah Polcz

I Enjoy Warm Tea, Books Made Of Paper, And Snuggling; More So When It's Cold Outside. I Live With An Honest Commitment To Personal Growth Through Self Examination. An Illusion Which Can Not Be Overcome Simply By Looking Again (The ...

... Damian Tew

Just Another Soulless Atheist In Search Of World Peace And Harmony.

... Will Marshall

A Nanofabrication Expert Escaped From The Cleanroom, Dr. North Coordinates Communities To Address Local And Global Issues Through Technology And Innovation.

... Mike North

Bay Area Native And Socially-Motivated Critical Theorist With An Interest In Urbanism, Philosophy, Political Theory And Economic History. I'M Particularly Involved With Post/Neo-Marxist Theory, With An Emphasis On Gilles Deleuze. I Have Been Working On The Theoretical Possibility Of Creating ...

... Eric Rogers